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Can Window Washing Damage Your Windows in South Lyon?

One of the reasons many individuals and organizations hesitate to consult or hire a professional window cleaning company in South Lyon to clean their building’s window is the fear of damage. It is generally believed that windows could get damaged in the process of cleaning, but this is not totally true. While there have been cases of window damage during the process, window cleaning does not automatically translate to window damage.

In fact, there is 99.9% assurance that your South Lyon windows will not suffer any scratches, let alone damage if it is washed by our professional window cleaning experts at Michigan Elite Window Cleaning. Michigan Elite Window Cleaning is the best window cleaning company in South Lyon. Hence, we execute window cleaning jobs professionally such that windows are not damaged. What makes this possible is our knowledge and experience which translate into the tips below.

How to Prevent Window Damage When Cleaning

Use the Right Tools: The main reason windows break during a clean is the use of wrong equipment. A tool is wrong if it is not meant to perform a certain task it is used for. Equally, a tool is not right if it is meant for a purpose but not in a general sense. For instance, a T-Bar is meant for washing windows except tinted glass windows. So, a T-Bar is the wrong tool in the context of a tinted glass. Right tools do not only protect windows from damage, but they also make the cleaning process allot easier.

Avoid Paper Towels: A paper towel is not ideal for cleaning a window because its surface is rough. You would be lucky not to have it damage your window, but it will surely leave unwanted marks all across of the surface of the windows, thereby making the window unattractive and weak.

No Blades: You could be tempted to use a blade or any other sharp object to remove supposed permanent stains on a window, but this is unprofessional and risky. Using a blade or any other sharp objects on glass is one of the easiest ways to damage a window. The blade cuts part of the glass off together with the targeted stain, thus reducing the strength of the window. Irrespective of the kind of stain you want to remove, do not use a blade or any other equivalent object to avoid window damage.


Michigan Elite Window Cleaning render professional window cleaning services for South Lyon residential apartments and company buildings. In South Lyon, Michigan Elite Window Cleaning is the best window cleaning company, as we deliver window cleaning services for a moderate charge. Contact us today, and we will turn your dirty windows to new ones in South Lyon.