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5 Costly Window Washing Mistakes You Must Not Make in Bloomfield Hills

Have you wanted to know what the costliest mistakes can be when doing window cleaning? You have come to the right place! In this article, five of the costliest window cleaning mistakes are highlighted and discussed. While you can try to avoid making any of these mistakes, there are those you cannot avoid on your own, and this means that you need professionals. Michigan Elite Window Cleaning in Bloomfield Hills is your number one go-to company for the best window cleaning professionals in town.

Wrong Choice of Day

Window cleaning starts the moment you decide on the day to clean and the choice of day can go a long way in determining how successful a cleaning can be. There are some things to look out for, the weather of the day can be one of those things that make a cleaning difficult. When you hire Michigan Elite Window Cleaning in Bloomfield Hills, you do not have to worry about the weather that’s where our expertise comes into play. 

Failure to do the Pre-Cleaning Exercise

The pre-cleaning process is as important as any other phase of window cleaning. This is the toughest part of cleaning. At Michigan Elite Window Cleaning in Bloomfield Hills, we pay careful attention and detail to every step of the exercise. Our cleaning services are fast and effective and that is, in part, because we do the pre-cleaning efficiently. After hiring us once, we are sure you will recommend us to everyone in Bloomfield Hills. 

A Wrong Use of Detergent

Another costly mistake that is sometime made is the wrong use of detergent. While, on one hand, there is a chance of buying the wrong detergent, on the other hand even if the right detergent is bought, mixing too little or too much can still negatively affect the process. You cannot trust every detergent in that claims to work well with window cleaning. Instead, trust Michigan Elite Window Cleaning. Our experts are highly trained to use the best detergents for your varied cleaning needs.

Bad Scraping

Care must take when cleaning any windows. One fatal mistake that must be avoided is bad scraping. Being oblivious of the right amount of effort to put on the brush or the sponge can damage the window and result in an accident or breakage and an unexpected cost to you.

Using a Wrong Cloth

Another costly mistake to avoid is the use of a wrong cloth. Using a wrong cloth can leave the windows with streaks. The window may even look dirtier and more unkempt because due to this. Using a wrong cloth results in having to take more than necessary time cleaning or even sometimes redoing the cleaning all over again.

To avoid risks and ensure that the windows at your home or workplace are spotless and clean, hire Michigan Elite Window Cleaning. Not only are you saved from the possibilities of making a costly mistake, but you are also guaranteed a fast and effective window cleaning job that is second to none. We are the best in Bloomfield Hills and our services and price will leave you in awe. Give us a call today at (248) 464-3887