Troy Pressure Washing

Benefits of Pressure Washing in Troy and the surrounding areas

Decks and patios are an ideal outdoor space to entertain guests while taking in the fresh air and enjoying the outdoors. This extension of your Troy home is prone to accumulating dirt, grime, and moisture throughout the year, which, when not removed, is unappealing to you and your guests.  Pressure washing your outdoor entertaining space makes it guest ready as power washing will remove all the build-up of the dirt, allergens, and pollutants, leaving the area clean and enjoyable for all to relax.

The pressure washing specialists from Michigan Elite Window Cleaning are proficient in pressure washing various types of outdoor surfaces. We are skillfully trained in preserving your outdoor entertainment areas structural integrity. The sun’s powerful rays, excessive rain, strong winds, and even heavy snowfall will also be particularly damaging to many of these areas, so having these areas power washed yearly will help you maintain a very clean & structural area for many years to come for all your outdoor entertaining.

Deck and Patio Maintenance: With our effective pressure washing training, Michigan Elite Window Cleaning specialists guarantee an all-round upkeep of your Troy outdoor entertaining spaces.

Michigan Elite Window Cleaning will aid in this task proactively by:

      • Eliminating all mold, dirt, mildew, and germs
      • Providing a sanitized area for your guests to relax in
      • Minimizing the possibility of injuries and premature deck or patio breakdowns
      • Contributing to enhancing your curb appeal
      • Maintaining the lifespan of your outdoor entertaining area

Expert Intervention: Without adequate training, appropriate tools, and relevant experience, power washing your outdoor entertaining areas can have many disastrous consequences. You may end up causing irreparable damage to your outdoor entertaining structure and add to your expenses if you are thinking of taking on amateur power washing yourself.

Pressure washers are powerful pieces of equipment and, when not handled correctly, can get out of control causing unwanted damages and expenses. So, relying on the Troy pressure washing professionals from Michigan Elite Window Cleaning for your pressure washing task is always going to be your best option.

Michigan Elite Window Cleaning’s approach to obtain the task of pressure washing responsibly is by always following these recommended guidelines:

Tip Selection: It is critical to select the right tip for your pressure washer as an incorrect one can damage your outdoor entertaining areas surface. For instance, for wooden deck surfaces, we choose tips that release water in a fan or brush-like fashion.  

The most damaging nozzle tips are the jet-style ones, as they can leave visible marks on your deck boards. We make a conscious attempt to maximize the coverage area, so the water stream is spread across a larger surface and is not concentrated on just one area.

Pressure Setting: At Michigan Elite Window Cleaning, we refrain from adjusting the power washer to a high-pressure setting as our Troy specialists know the risk involved in selecting to high of a pressure setting. A setting ranging from low to medium cleans your outdoor entertaining areas without leaving marks or damaging any one section.

Our power washing specialists test the pressure setting over a small area of your outdoor entertaining area to establish its effectiveness. For an even application, the nozzle tip is held a few inches away from the surface and fanned across the area evenly to provide the highest quality of results.

Consistent Technique: To prevent distinct water streaks, we adopt a consistent sweeping pressure washing motion. We always aim to clean without leaving any traces of a pressurized wash. With side-to-side strokes, while maintaining a moderate pace, an even wash is the most achievable washing technique with the best results leaving everyone happy.

When you are ready to hire for quality pressure washing services from Michigan Elite Window Cleaning, you can be sure that our Troy power washing specialists will provide you with the most amazing results! Call Michigan Elite Window Cleaning to start enjoying the beauty of your outdoor entertaining area again. 

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