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What Water Temperature Should You Wash a House?

Are you sick and tired of dealing with pesky stains on your home’s exterior that just won’t budge? Is it time for a good house washing service, but you’re unsure about what water temperature to wash your house at? Fear not, my friends, for we have the ultimate guide on the optimal water temperature for house washing services. Trust us, with this information, you’ll have the most sparkling and spotless house in the neighborhood.

Before we dive into the best water temperature for house washing, we need to address the elephant in the room: what type of detergent are you using? It’s crucial to choose a soap with the right pH balance for your home’s exterior material; otherwise, you’re at risk of causing irreparable damage. Common detergents contain harsh chemicals that may strip the paint or leave behind unsightly streaks. For this reason, I suggest opting for a green or eco-friendly house washing services solution that won’t harm your home’s exterior or the environment.

Now, let’s talk about the water temperature at which to wash your home. The truth is, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Several factors come into play, such as your home’s exterior material, the level of grime, and the climate. Still, you want to make sure the water temperature isn’t too high, that it damages the siding or is too low and that house washing is ineffective.

For vinyl or aluminum siding, the ideal water temperature to wash is around 150-200°F. Any hotter than that, and you run the risk of melting or warping the siding, which can be incredibly costly to repair. For brick, it’s essential to stay around 120-140°F. Anything higher can cause the brick to expand and contract, leading to structural damage. As for wood, the water temperature should stay around 120°F or lower. High temperatures can cause the wood to dry up and split, leading to rot.

When using hot water for house washing, you must maintain safety measures. High-temperature water can damage your skin and eyes and cause scalding. Any cleaning agent might be risky if contact occurs, especially if it gets mixed with hot water. Wearing protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection is crucial for your safety during house washing.

Lastly, hiring professional home washing services is the safest option to ensure the job is done correctly. Professional house washing services have skilled professionals in washing homes without causing any damage, and they have access to equipment and detergents that can’t be bought in stores. Plus, you won’t have to put yourself in danger and risk damage to your home or yourself.

Washing your home is essential for maintaining its longevity and aesthetic appeal. When deciding on the best water temperature, keep in mind your home’s material and level of grime. Opting for eco-friendly detergents is crucial to avoid damaging the environment or your home. Remember to stay safe at all times, and if you’re unsure, it’s always best to call in the house washing service professionals. By following these guidelines, you’ll be on your way to having the most beautiful home on the block.